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Berthold's Beard

Berthold's Beard - Joshua   Reynolds Another very short story from Black Library's Digital Mondays. This one is about an adventure Gotrek and Felix undertake under the employ of Aldrich who comes along with them. Aldrich wants them to locate his family old mansion in order to obtain an item of high personal value to him. What they find there though goes beyond what they expected.
The two main characters Gotrek and Felix are very entertaining and exciting but I think they fall a bit into some cliched moulds. While very fun to read about, I got the feeling that I've read about similar characters many times before. At the same time though, the length of the story (which clocks at under 20 pages) does not really allow for any character building or development which is an excuse for my first complaint but at the same time a slight minus point on its own.
As for action and fight-scenes, there is sure a lot in those few pages, definitely more than in many other much longer novels. The action is described really well and is always entertaining. It gives you an "on the edge of the seat" feeling and you don't really feel like skipping a passage. On the other hand though, I was thinking that maybe it would be better to have a bit more character building and little less action in such a short story. But maybe that's just typical of Warhammer and Black Library, I can't say that I have such an extensive experience with them yet.
All in all, this is short entertaining story which is fun to read but not anything really amazing or exceptional.