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Dragonkin: A Tor.Com Original

Dragonkin: A Tor.Com Original - Lavie Tidhar This was an interesting short story that can be read for free at tor.com, here: http://www.tor.com/stories/2013/07/dragonkin. Initially I thought it was going to be simple fantasy but it proved to be a mix of urban fantasy, classic fantasy and a bit of SF. I think it will have a special appeal to more "geeky" readers as there are several references to many things of the geeky fantasy culture. I understood some of them but not all. The main character was well detailed for such a short work but I can't say the same for the plot with felt rushed and rather indifferent and without special tension. It didn't blow my mind or amaze me enough to get a recommendation but it's short and it's free so give it a try yourselves and see if you like it more!