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Where Virtue Lives (included in Engraved on the Eye Anthology)

Where Virtue Lives (included in Engraved on the Eye Anthology) - Saladin Ahmed This is a free short prequel story set in the Crescent Moon Kingdoms setting where Ahmed's novel Throne of the Crescent Moon also takes place. It was interesting as Ahmed doesn't waste any pages or time to get the action going. The characters were introduced rather fast for my liking and there was not growth or attachment but I can attribute that to the story's short length. Also, I kind of got the feeling that they were a bit cheesy and maybe cliched though one can't really realize that from such a small sample. The setting was marvelous though, being originally and truly arabesque and mid-eastern. In summary, this was good enough to make me want to give a chance to the full novel. Recommended for a quick half-hour read!