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Hook - Nicolas Tsamis This was a more interesting book than I expected!! When I got contacted by the author asking me if I wanted to review his book, I was a bit hesitant at first, thinking that this is not really my kind of book. Fortunately, I agreed and only after a few pages into it, all my doubts were dispelled. This book starts fast and just keeps going. Things just keep happening, there's absolutely no downtime between events and there are almost no filler-pages. The author had a very interesting story to tell and he did just that. Maybe that's why this is shorter than an average novel, having just under 200 pages but I see this a plus and not a minus.
The characters are all really well made and each has a distinct style and personality, no generic cookie-cutter cliches here. The dialogues are really refreshing, it's been a long time since I read a book with such realistic and life-like dialogue (based on the greek edition of the novel). The plot is really unique and believe me when I say that there's no easy way to summarize it in a few phrases, what with all the plot-twists and the insanely fast pace of things happening.
Not all is perfect though. The "love-relationship" parts didn't really connect with me, they felt a bit strange the way things escalated and evolved. Also, there was occassional info-dumps that really felt out of place and stuck out of the captivating and frenetic pace of the story. Finally, the ending felt rushed, as if the author run out of steam during the last few chapters. Or maybe he cut part of the story in order to make a sequel... I can't possibly know, but the last few chapters felt rushed and incomplete to me.
But my gripes certainly do not take away from the general enjoyment of this book. I read the greek version and parts of the english one, and while the translation is very good, I would definitely recommend the greek version to greek readers, mostly due to the beautifully natural dialogues that unfortunately loose their kick in the translation.
Well done mr Tsamis... now I wish my dogs spoke too... :)