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The Eye of Argon - Jim Theis A 1 and a 5. It is both but nothing between. This is indeed a very difficult one to rate. First of all, this is not a full-length book, it is just a short story, at around half the size of a novella. I'm still not sure if I should try to write a review, maybe one could just look at all the other reviews here. But what I want to say is that eventhough this is definitely one of the most atrocious and horrible pieces of writing I have ever seen, on the other hand it is immensely enjoyable! I caught myself laughing out loud more times than I remember, even more often than when I read a Pratchett novel and that's a lot! There are moments when the expressions used, the choice of words and the verbosity of descriptions just transgress into another realm. My advice.... go read it, especially if you are a well-read fantasy reader with many books and years under your belt. You will find it uniquely enjoyable. My rating.... is a 5! You will understand why when you read it! (Plus I can't make you read it if I give it a 1!)