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A Spell for Chameleon - Piers Anthony This book is a trully mixed bag. A lot of negatives but also some important positives that bring the score to just about average. The negatives include probably the most annoying, frustrating and unlikable protagonist ever (I won't EVEN say "hero"), some occasional bad writing by Piers, very sketchy characterization where females almost always get the worse end of it and a bit of a meandering plot. On the possitives is ofcourse Piers' inexhaustible imagination and some really weird plot twists that I personally found entertaining. Also, if this is supposed to be a humorous book then it was a bit lost on me since there are no laugh-out-loud passages anywhere but more like pun-based high-brow humor that more than often misses its mark. However, as humor is an entirely subjective thing and based on personal taste, I can be flat wrong about how funny it might seem to somebody else. I can only recommend it for a casual afternoon quick read as it still it reads very fast but not for someone expecting a book to really get lost in or fully enjoy.