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Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman This book is a hard one to review. Gaiman let his imagination go wild in many aspects but at the same time the underlying plot is rather weak. It has many possitive points but also a few letdowns as well. Gaiman's style is really good, with vivid descriptions and imagery. He knows when to take it slow and when to take a shortcut. Also, the two main antagonists are extremely entertaining and well-written! I dare say these two should definitely get some story of their own, maybe a prequel of sorts!! On the other hand though, the main character is rather indifferent and a bit boring and annoying at times. It is very ironic that in a novel full of contrast between a fantastical place and the real corresponding one, a character so attached to reality felt rather unrealistic to me. He felt out of place, which in a sense is pretty much what Gaiman wanted him to be -that's the whole point- but at the same time not exactly in a "right" way. Also, and this is a completely personal and subjective thing, I'm not really a London-fan, probably the opposite, and a book that relies so heavily on the whole typically english London atmosphere and setting does not fire me up to be honest. In retrospect, I think this book is probably better than I felt or make it sound to be as most of the gripes I had are on a very personal level. It's just a pitty that it didn't work quite so well for me.