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How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe - Charles Yu It's one of the few times that this happens but I stopped reading just after the halfway point. Really... there was no point to it. Or rather, allow me to copy a quote from the book to say it better:

"There is a sense in which I am pretty sure this makes no sense. I don’t know where this is going. I don’t know how it ends."

Maybe I'm stupid or this book is too clever for me. But there is no plot.. and if there is one then it makes no sense or I'm too dense to get it. They author seems content to waste paragraphs and pages talking about nonsense and nothing in particular, meandering everywhere in his memories and thoughts but without any actual aim. I've read from many that this is a "meta"-kind of book ... well if it is then it's not entertaining at all.

Other negatives? Well for one the insanely long sentences, sometimes they take a whole paragraph or page!!! Also while the author's writing shows remarkable skill, it's drenched in misery and self-pitty, so much in fact that it became hard reading it. It was like listening to a friend complain and whine about everything in his life non-stop... but this one was no friend, so I didn't care!! Add to all the above, a huge dose of sci-fictional jargon and made up words and Yu's time-travelling concepts.... and you get yourself a huge soup of tiring, miserable, meandering and aimless nonsense that tries too much for its own good to be clever.
I can't really recommend this book.