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Last Argument of Kings  - Joe Abercrombie As always, I will avoid going into describing the synopsis of the book, you can read that up there ^. Instead, I will go straight into my review. Since this is the 3rd book of a trilogy, I will assume that whoever reads this has already read the previous 2 books. Quick summary?: If you liked the first 2 books, you really need to read the last one!! As it is the conclusion of the story, it is probably the best of the three!

Review of book 2 and 1

This time I will not go into much detail or analyze every facet of the book as most of the improvements of the 2nd book continue into the 3rd. The characters are still as intense, interesting and deep as in the previous books but this time there is slightly more focus on the story and the various plot threads. Abercrombie proves once again that he can handle those as finely and well as the best... well maybe he's one of them already!

The plot turns out to be more complicated and deep than what initially appeared with a lot of unexpected twists every few chapters. What is really impressive is that Abercrombie manages to untangle a huge amount of smaller plot-threads and lead them all to some conclusion or resolution very smoothly and without even feeling rushed or forced. At the same time, due to Abercrombie's grittiness and realism and the unpredictability of several of his characters, one can not really make predictions and out-guess where each plot is heading which makes for a intense page-turner of a book!

The pacing is definitely on par with the second book, maybe at some points even faster. There are a lot of battles and fighting in this book and those scenes usually tend to drag down the pace usually but Abercrombie keeps things intense, hectic and flowing around so the reader never feels bored or dull.

Also, worth mentioning is the increased appearance of "magic" in this third book! I'm hesitant to say more so as not so spoil anything but if anybody felt a little disappointed from any absence of weird, metaphysical or magical things, that reader need fear no more!

All in all, this is a worthy conclusion of an amazing trilogy. A very interesting and intense book with everything that made the first 2 books so great and even more! As a trilogy, this is surely one of the best I have read in the last few years and I highly recommend it to any reader of fantasy!

4,5 stars out of 5 !!