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Pyramids - Terry Pratchett 3.5 / 5

As always, I will avoid going into describing the synopsis of the book, you can read that up there ^. Though, as is usual the case with Pratchett's books, the blurb won't really help you much. Instead, I will go straight into my review.
Quick summary?: If you generally like Terry Pratchett's style and books you will enjoy this one!! If you're not familiar with his work or you don't really like it that much, then this is maybe not the best starting point to get into his books.

Characters always play a huge role on Pratchett's books, since almost half of the humor is based on them, their characteristics and their deeds or words. In Pyramids we have completely new characters introduced that have not appeared before in any other book. As such, it takes some time to warm to them. They are not extremely funny though, not as old favorites (each reader has their own, I myself prefer the night-watch more than anybody else!)

I'm afraid this book suffers a bit from a rather weak plot, even compared to Pratchett standards. There's not really a hook in the story, something that the reader really really wants to find out by the end. It's more like "ok let's see what happens next" kind of thing. There are some parts that are more interesting than others, I personally really enjoyed the parts at Ephebe as it was a funny take on the ancient Greeks but other than that there's not a real plot in there. Whatever it is mostly acts as a background for situational comedy.

Pacing was also not very smooth. To be honest, there are no slow parts as both the action (as in "funny and/or crazy things happening") and the humor flows along steadily. What is a bit problematic is the general interest that ebbs and rises depending on the point of view and general happenings. In this case, I think pacing is evidently quite depended on the plot and that's why when one suffers the other does too.

In conclusion, I think this is a rather interesting and typical "independent" Pratchett book. Pratchett introduces new characters and settings/countries (humorously based on ancient Egypt and ancient Greece). There are a lot of clever jokes about religion, belief and tradition which work mostly very well. There is also a lot of humor based on the classical ancient sciences and especially geometry and mathematics. All in all, maybe not the best Pratchett book but one that is certainly worth reading! Recommended!

3,5 stars out of 5 !!