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Οι αόρατες πόλεις

Οι αόρατες πόλεις - Italo Calvino,  Ανταίος Χρυσοστομίδης "The invisible cities" is a unique book, it's a strange book and sometimes it's a hard one to understand but it always is an eye-opening and inspiring book above all. And I say always because you do not need to reach the end to understand this; just open a page at random and read about that city with an open mind and an open eye for the world around you. You will be wiser.
The book contains descriptions of many many cities, maybe more than 50, all of them imaginative and fantastic. These are cities that don't exist anywhere, never existed and never will. But at the same time they are real and they are everywhere. I've read somewhere that the book's central point is the exploration of human imagination. Allow me to disagree! This book is about the human psyche, about sociology and social behaviour and evolution, about beliefs and traditions, about the details of everyday life and habits, about history and humanity, and about so much more that it would be overly optimistic to attempt to list here. Maybe it feels different to every reader but whatever it means to each, it surely is a work that is eye-opening, that enhances the perception and understanding of the world around us and of us humans in it.
I should also like to mention that I read the book simultaneously in greek and english as I was lucky enough to have both editions at hand. I'm very pleased to say that the greek edition was not only at par with the english one, it was probably better as the translator rendered the language and the descriptions so naturally that I could have sworn that Italo Calvino had lived in Greece for most of his life!
All in all, this is a higly recommended read for anyone, especially those with a restless and open mind.